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Nedbank Home Loans

Nedbank Home Loans

Buying a House is a Dream Come True

Buying a house is an expensive investment. Probably the most costly investment you will ever make in your life. Finding the right house can be an overwhelming undertaking. That is why Nedbank tries to make is as easy and painless as possible - because when your finances are taken care of, the procedure can actually be fun. Choose a home loan from four different options that are specially designed to fit your distinctive desires.

Special features

All Nedbank's home loans have special features. NedRevolve allows you to have some control over your loan, permitting you to manage your money more effectively. This also enables you to accumulate savings - free of any taxes!

Suppose you have some money available and want to deposit it in your home loan account, but you are afraid that you might need it in the future. Do you transfer it to your home loan account or rather play it safe and keep it for in case? Readvance gives you access to the capital amount you already paid towards your home loan account without registering for a new home loan.

You are determined to pay off your home loan as soon as possible. With Nedbanks' Accelerated Payments option this has never been easier. This feature allows reimbursing your loan in the quickest possible time.

The house you decided on may need some attention or you may want to make some alterations to it. But you already took out a home loan and don't know how you will afford the changes to your new place. Further loan with registration is the answer to your problems. This enables you to take out a second loan especially for such needs as improving your present home.

House Owners Insurance (HOC) is a condition to every home loan Nedbank grants, and a very usefull one to say the least. Not only does it protect the bank's interest, but it can shield you from financial loss as well. According to Nedbank's website, HOC covers not only the property, but the outbuildings (swimming pool, garage, walls and more) as well.

When you are no longer able to pay off your home loan (in the case of death or disability), you don't want to burden you family with it. Loan Protection Assurance ensures that it is not required of your loved ones to take over the loan repayment.

What home loan options are available?

According to Nedbank's website their ordinary residential home loan is a flexible home loan that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. It can be used both for buying an established residential property or vacant residential land. The minimum amount you can borrow with the ordinary residential home loan is R100 000 for a term of up to 30 years. The maximum amount available on this option is up to 108% of the property value. To make things even more convenient, you can choose between fixed or variable interest rates.

Nedbank acknowledges that first time buyers are even more daunted by buying their very own place. And with this in mind they specifically designed Alphabond. This home loan provides you with the money to pay initial costs and help with cash flow. You can even take a three-month holiday from reimbursing your loan - giving you time and money to decorate your new house. You can borrow a minimum amount of R100 000 over 360 months and loan up to 108% of the property value. The option between a fixed or variable interest rate is available and what makes this loan even more impressive is that you can organize a rate concession once the loan is paid off up to under a 100%. Readvance (access to the capital amount already paid into your home loan account) is only available after tyour loan value falls below 100%.

As you climb the ladder of success or move through life, your needs change. Chances are that you want to move to another neighborhood. Or the pitter-patter of baby feet begs for more space. Whatever your reasons, BoosterBond literally allows you to boost your home loan - with a minimum amount of R500 000 and a maximum of 104% to the property's assessed value. You have to earn a minimum gross income of R20 000 per month to qualify for this loan. Nedbank also requires of you to take out Rate Protection Insurance. This means your interest rate is fixed for five years. According to the website this will protect you against rising interest rates - giving you peace of mind against interest rate volatility. NedRevolve, Readvance, Accelerated Payment, Further Loan with registration, Home Owners Insurance (HOC) and Loan Protection Assurance are all available on this home loan option.

You know exactly what you want, but cannot find it anywhere? Building the home you dreamt about for so long are now possible with Nedbank's building loan option. It is a mortgage loan that finances the construction of a new residence or improvements to an existing one. The bank monitors the building project to ensure that it is finished within a reasonable time and the loan is paid out as the building process develops. You have access to all the features available on other home loans.

Once you have decided what Nedbank Home Loan you require, you can apply online and let SecuBond arrange your loan for you. They will offer you a better rate, professional advice and prompt service, all free of charge to you.

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