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How to Pick a Moving Company

Moving possessions and family can be one of the most stressful times of a person's life. Finding a school for your children that suits their needs is important. Locating a home where you're moving to comfortably fit your family is vital. However, the most overlooked and integral part of the moving process is picking a reputable, reliable moving company.

The first step to differentiating moving companies is to get written estimates from each you are considering. If you are deciding between a few moving companies and don't know where to begin ask yourself a few questions.

When I called this company did they give me an estimate without ever seeing my belongings? Would a mechanic tell you how to fix your car without looking under the hood? No, and moving companies need to see what you need to move before deciding how much to charge.

Research the moving companies you are considering to see if they are licensed and insured by your local authority. You can also check with your local consumer affairs office.

Know what you are looking for when you are deciding between multiple moving companies. Are you searching for someone who specializes in moving valuables? Are you trying to find someone who can meet you immediately upon your arrival? Are you simply looking for the cheapest price among all moving companies you analyze? Whatever it is, make sure you hold all movers to the same standard and choose who suits you the best.

Take this responsibility seriously and double-check your moving company's reputation and history. Moving companies are required to tell you certain information and give you certain pamphlets when they arrive. Ask questions! Don't stress yourself about the move, study your local moving companies and choose wisely.