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Moving Precious Valuables

Perhaps the most unsettling thought related to moving is that of moving your valuable items. Many people consider items of material worth to be replaceable, but what about your precious valuable heirlooms? This article will help you pack those delicate memories found in pictures.

Moving pictures is a scary and intimidating process because of their fragile, flimsy nature. Pictures of your family, friends, and other loved ones are priceless and must be handled properly. While small pictures can be stood up and placed in regular boxes, your larger and more delicate pictures need to be handled just right.

Many movers have cartons or boxes that are especially designed for moving pictures or mirrors. Contact your moving company ahead of time to see if they have these items for moving pictures. If you are moving yourself and renting a truck, check to see if the truck rental company has any specialty items designed for moving pictures.

Here are a few tips for moving pictures:

When moving pictures it is important that you research government regulations on what is considered an item of extraordinary value. Most moving companies consider moving pictures over R500 in value to be moving a value of extraordinary value.

Finally, if it is at all possible it is recommended that you move these items yourself. While you may have hired a reputable mover, moving pictures don't have the same effect on every person. While these items are of extraordinary value to you, that's not necessarily the case for the mover.