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Moving Equipment

The simplest way to ease the rugged, uncomfortable process of moving is to invest in some solid moving equipment. Moving equipment can be anything from padding for your items, to dollies for lifting, to ramps, ropes, and strapping.

If you are moving a good number of valuable, fragile items it is probably a good idea to rent some padding from your moving company. Most don't think of furniture or table pads as moving equipment, but it will help you immensely during the process of the move. Most movers rent this type of moving equipment for anywhere from five to ten dollars.

A major concern for movers who are skipping the high bill of a moving company and renting a truck are large, heavy items. The most helpful moving equipment for this situation is a dolly or cart. Some companies will offer three different types of dollies or carts.

When using the types of moving equipment mentioned above you will want to have plenty of ropes or other durable straps to stabilize your belongings. Another thing to consider when using dollies or carts is a ramp for your truck, making it easier to unload the truck.

Whatever product it is you need, the using of moving equipment can be integral to the process of moving. Most of the items that have been mentioned can be rented for between R30 and R200 to keep from the price of having to purchase them outright.