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Tips for Installing A Tile Floor

Installing a tile floor is one of the more difficult home remodeling projects. But with care, it's within reach of anyone.

Start off on the right foot by acquiring one of the many home design software packages. Most will have a section on laying tile. It can't prepare a floor or apply glue, but they're terrific at helping you visualize the result and avoid mistakes. They provide design alternatives, measurement help and tips on dealing with glue, cutting tile and so forth.

Choose your tile according to taste, but keep in mind some differences in the options. Stone or slate tiles are beautiful, but generally higher priced than ceramic. They also require sealing after the job is done, in order to prevent staining and make for easy cleaning.

Be sure to select floor tiles, not wall tiles. The latter are thinner and won't stand up to the pressure from walking.

Give some thought to how to prepare the area.

If it's smooth and not too worn old vinyl or linoleum can be used under the tile. But over time it's subject to warping. Soft spots under the tile can cause cracking.

If you're starting with a concrete surface, check to ensure there are no high spots. You can do this in a few different ways. If you have a long level (three foot or more), lay it across the surface and look for light coming through.

Similarly, this can be done with a