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Pollution and Remodeling

It's easy to read magazines and conclude that your home is a danger to you and your family. But, as anyone can see, people are living longer, healthier lives than ever. Nevertheless, there are real risks associated with some remodeling projects. Some simple precautions can help minimize them.

Several potentially harmful gases can build up inside homes, especially newer ones that are often extremely well sealed. Radon is one of the more well known names.

Radon is a radioactive gas produced as a by-product of the natural decay of uranium, found in trace amounts in many rocks and soils. While there's some evidence that in small amounts it might actually be beneficial, everyone agrees that too much can be harmful.

Measure the amount, particularly in basements and other enclosed areas, using an inexpensive device available online. Follow guidelines listed about whether to call a professional to deal with any found. Four picocuries is the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) figure for recommended action.

Take that into account when planning basement remodeling projects and allow for adequate venting. While long term exposure can be harmful, it's extremely rare for there to be enough present to represent immediate danger. Don't fear going into your basement.

Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are two more potentially harmful gases. They can both be produced in exce