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Fixing clogs and blocked drains

Modern chemistry has created both friend and challenge. Hand soaps, shaving cream and other concoctions make life a lot more healthy and convenient than it was a hundred years ago. But some traditional problems are still with us: clogs.

plugCorrespondingly there are traditional ways and some modern, that help overcome the problem.

If you have metal pipes, try pouring a pan of boiling water slowly down the sink. If there's not too much accumulated water, and the clog isn't too severe, the plug of hair and soap (the typical villains) may be dissolved, freeing the clog. Follow with a steady rinse of hot water.

For plastic pipes, the boiling water method may soften joints presenting a risk of leakage. Unless you know your pipes are made of material that can withstand the heat, it's best to use another method. Some can even stand up to hot grease, which may have cooled and caused the problem in the first place.

For more stubborn clogs an ordinary plunger may do the trick. Be sure to use a cup plunger, not a flange plunger. The la