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Choosing Countertops

kitchenChoosing a material for your countertops involves considerations of cost, appearance and use. Some are as inexpensive as R40 per square meter, others as high as R500 or more. Which you choose will depend on your taste and budget, as well as how you plan to make use of the surface.

Laminates are the least expensive, at around R50 - R150 per square meter. They're relatively easy to install, but they don't hold up well against scratching and gouging. They also tend to look old fairly quickly, though occasional replacement is a more viable option at those prices.

They come in a dizzying variety of textures and colors today and they offer good stain resistance. They're easy to clean as well. Laid down over plywood, they can be replaced in a weekend, though scraping glue off for hours isn't much fun. It's sometimes easier to replace the entire plywood plank.

Ceramic tile can be another modest cost option. Some tiles are as low as a few rand per square meter, though prices can reach as high as R50 or more per tile. They're easy to install in new kitchens, but fairly difficult to replace or repair. Once glued down, they form a strong bond with the surface. Replacing them requires gouging out the grout and