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Why Make Use of a Mortgage Originator?

A Mortgage Originator is a person who acts on your behalf when you apply for a home loan.

When you visit a bank directly, they tend to be very biased toward their own products and services offered. When you make use of an originator, you will receive more independent advice.

Originators also work with various banks to ensure competitiveness. Banks will compete for your business.

Because originators sends hundreds of applications to the banks each month, they are generaly in a better position to negotiate lower interest rates. A small difference in interest and make a large difference on your pocket. See "How can I Save on My Home Loan" for more information on that.

Mortgage originators do not usually charge for their services. They offer professional advice free of charge. The banks have their own contracts with the originators and the banks will pay their fees, meaning no cost to you.