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The hunt for Home loans in South Africa

When buying a house you may be confronted with different Home loan options and choosing the right option to suit you can become quite a difficult task.

Here are some pointers on how to make buying a house and getting a Home Loan easier.

1. Get educated

This can be time consuming, but in the long run you will benefit. Different Banks offer different options, it is important that you take the time to educate yourself and this is where the internet becomes a very helpful tool. Then after you have educated yourself you can make an appointment at the different banks or Home lone brokers to discuss the smaller details in person.

2. Seek professional help

This option can make life much easier and u less time consuming as you do not have to do any of the natty gritty work yourself. You can opt to use a mortgage broker.

A mortgage broker is not an actual lender but the specializes in shopping around for the best deal in a Home Loan for you. They will then give you a list with the different offers available and you can decide on your first and second option. This option will save you time and money.

3. Compare Different Home loan options

Different Banks offer different options. Make sure to educate yourself in the different options available at the different Banks as this can come in very handy and will make choosing a Home loan option to suit you that much easier.

If you decided to use a mortgage broker they will give you a list of options and offers available to you. You can then choose the options you prefer yourself. Make sure you have a first and second option on hand for that unforeseen event that you do not get the first option you still have the second option to fall back on.

If you decided to do all the work yourself you will have to look at all the different quotations from the different Loan institutions that you have gathered. The different options available can also be viewed on internet an in some cases you can ask for an online quotation, but we still recommend you go directly to the different banks and make an appointment to get your personalized quotation. Then after you have your different quotations choose the two options that suit you best. Be sure to keep your second option on hand in case something should happen to prevent you from using the first Home loan option.

4. The interest rate

Before finding a good interest rate make sure you know exactly what interest is. In the case of Home loans, interest is the additional fee that you pay when repaying the loan (this is how the banks make money) and can therefore differ from bank to bank. These interest rates are based upon rates that are set nationally by the Reserve Bank and may be higher depending on different factors. Remember the higher the interest rate is, the more your loan will cost you in the long run so try to negotiate the lowest rate possible!

In order to get the best interest rate, it's important to shop around and compare loan rates and terms before deciding on a particular Home loan. Request Home loan quotes from a variety of banks and finance companies, as well as online lenders.

Your credit rating and the collateral that you use can also have a effect on the interest rate that you are charged on your loan so make sure to give all the necessary information.

5. Deciding on a Fixed of Variable interest Rate

When you start looking at the different Home Loans offers available you will run across references to “fixed rate” and “variable rate” loans.

A fixed rate means the interest rate charged is fixed for a specific time i.e. two years or more (depending on what options the Bank has to offer). This option is best when the interest rates are low or to make budgeting easier.

A Variable Rate is better when the interest rates are higher, because they can go down if the interest rates go down. However this rate will also go up when the interest rates goes up. However with a Variable Rate you can negotiate for a much lower rate than prime.

The Home Loan industry is a highly competitive one, so it wouldn’t hurt you to shop around before you decide on which company and which program you would like to go with. Enjoy the hunt!!!