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ABSA Rewards: rewarding customer loyalty

Absa Rewards is a rewards programme created to acknowledge and reward Absa’s most valuable customers for their continued support and loyalty. The programme is available to existing and new Absa customers.

Earning Absa Rewards Points is easy. Once you have registered for the Absa Rewards programme, you will receive a welcome bonus of 500 Absa Rewards Points and from there you start earning Absa Rewards Points for holding qualifying Absa banking products and spending on your Absa Rewards credit card.

Features and Benefits

To be a part of this exciting Programme, Absa Rewards members register online and pay a small annual subscription fee, which provides access to the following benefits:

Absa Rewards Points which can then be redeemed for rewards in the Absa Rewards catalogue. Absa Rewards Points which can also be donated to charity Partners.

How Do I Earn Absa Rewards Points?

From the date you register onto the Absa Rewards Programme you immediately receive a welcome bonus of 500 Absa Rewards Points

How do I earn on my Credit Card -

This excludes finance or other charges, fees or taxes levied by Absa or government, cash transactions or withdrawals, gaming transactions, purchase of travellers cheques or other negotiable instruments, Garage card transactions, budget account instalments or interest thereof, insurance premiums or lost card protection, and the annual membership fee.

Absa Rewards Points
Absa Rewards Points is the currency of the Absa Rewards Programme that can be redeemed for a wide range of product rewards on offer. This includes various merchandise, gifts or vacations.

Membership Costs
An annual membership fee of R39.00 (incl. VAT) is payable on enrolment and annually thereafter. This fee will be debited to a nominated Absa credit card or cheque account as requested by you.

Redeeming Absa Rewards Points:

Absa Rewards offers more than 1500 different rewards available from our Absa Rewards Catalogue. Absa Rewards range from top quality merchandise, to air tickets and even weekends away.

Absa Rewards Points never expire. They will continue to accumulate until you choose to spend them or transfer them to other Absa Reward members.

Absa Rewards and Other Qualifying Absa Banking Products

Absa Home Loan
A residential Absa Home Loan qualifies if the outstanding capital balance is R125 000.00 or more (once linked to the Absa Rewards Programme). Platinum One accounts do not qualify to be linked to the Programme.

Vehicle Finance
A Vehicle Finance agreement from Absa qualifies if the outstanding capital balance is R50 000.00 or more (once linked to the Absa Rewards Programme).

Once you have linked your qualifying Absa Home Loan and/or Vehicle Finance agreement from Absa to the Absa Rewards Programme, you will receive a once off bonus Absa Rewards Points.

Foreign Exchange
Earn two Absa Rewards Points for every R100-00 spent on Travellers Cheques and Foreign Banknotes. Present your Absa Rewards membership/ID number at the International Desk at any Absa branch, when you buy your Foreign Exchange.

Remember, the more qualifying products you have linked to Programme, the faster you accumulate Absa Rewards Points - and the sooner you can claim the reward you deserve!

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